About MVRA

Mountain View Residents Association

The Mountain View Residents Associated was started in 1986 by a group of “new neighbors” who met at the Warrington Country Club and formed the By-Laws by which we govern today.

Throughout the years, MVRA has expanded its activities and committees to meet the interests and needs of our residents and their children.

The success of our association has always been the result of many volunteers who contribute their time and effort to make our community a special place to live.  Let’s keep this spirit going in the coming years.  Your participation on committees, attendance at board meetings and comments via telephone or email is always welcome.

This directory is just one more reflection of the unique neighborhood in which we live.  We hope this directory will help you stay in touch with all of your friends in Mountain View.

Thank you for your membership! Your membership allows us to:

  • Publish a newsletter and directory
  • Beautify our two entrances with flowers and mulch
  • Replace American Flags – both large and small
  • Illuminate signs and pay electric bill
  • Paint and repair entrance signs
  • Welcome new residents with housewarming gifts
  • Send cards and gift baskets to residents who are ill or mourning a loss of a family member
  • Support all our social events and contribute to charity