Entrance Maintenance and Donations

Dear Mountain View Neighbors,

In January, the Mountain View Residence Association sent membership applications to every household in our development.  A large majority of households chose to join.  The dues associated with the membership serve many purposes, one of which is to maintain our entrances.

Since all who live in Mountain View enjoy this effort, the Board of Directors is making an appeal to those who did not opt to join the Association this year.  It is now your turn to do your part by making a donation to assist with the electricity needed to light our entrances, materials needed to repair the signs, fertilizer to control the weed growth, mulch to moisturize the flower beds and bulbs to produce the beautiful flowers that adorn the beds throughout the seasons.  The labor that goes into this job is done by volunteers, which is no cost to our neighborhood. 

We would appreciate a donation in any denomination.  Your check can be made out to MVRA and sent to Greg Rodgers, MVRA Treasurer, at 2229 Jericho Drive here in Jamison.  OR you can CLICK HERE and make an electronic payment.

Please be sure to indicate that you’d like your donation to go towards maintaining our entrances 🙂 

Thank you very much for helping us continue to make Mountain View a beautiful place to live!  Your membership and/or donation is always welcome anytime!

Your neighbors,