Extreme Games 2016

The weather cooperated and we had a fantastic evening for Extreme Games. We had our highest amount of players this year. Over 48 kids ages 3-12 enjoyed ten events that tested agility and ability!  We were especially glad to have several new MV families come and join us..

Many thanks to our teen helpers – we couldn’t have done this without you!

Jeffrey Albright did a fabulous job handling all the registrants and totaling up the score cards. Ian Muir, Dan Bulsza, Harry McLaughlin, Shannon McLaughlin, Tommy Davidson, Augie Davidson, Jasmine Chui and Brandon McShane each helped out by running an event.  Many of our teen helpers brought friends who graciously joined in on the fun.  Thanks for those who showed up early to help set up!

The winners were:

Ages 3-5        Mariel Sisca & Preston Shipe (Barbera’s grandson)

Ages 6-9        Jadelyn Chui & Brian Rogers

Ages 10-12    Maryn Mosher/Sam Davidson (our 1st tie)  & Jude Gulle

Tom Haenn was the perfect grill master and everyone enjoyed hot dogs cooked to perfection!   Kelly Muir got some great action shots and photos you can all view on our webpage at www.mvranews.com or Facebook.  Special thanks to the adults who brought their children or helped run a station.

We thank the board for their funding and so many neighbors and parents who came to help and support this wonderful event.  Tentative Date for next year:  Friday June 2nd.

Sincerely the Extreme Games committee for 2016

Valerie Haenn, Melissa Tracy, Kelly Muir, Jen Hansel, and Lynn McLaughlin

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